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How to: steep blooming tea

Blooming teas, also known as Flowering Teas, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their delicate flavour and aesthetic appeal. The perfect gift for any tea lover, Blooming Teas are hand made using the youngest tea leaves carefully sewn around a bouquet of flowers and scented with natural fruit and floral aromas.

Follow these easy steps to brewing the perfect infusion that displays not only the impressive bloom but also the delicate notes of the highest quality tea. 

Step 1

Assemble the components for the perfect blooming tea preparation. You will need

  • one Blooming Tea
  • one AVANTCHA SOLO Teapot that you will brew and serve the bloom in
  • a spare teapot or dish for briefly soaking the bloom,
  • a spoon and
  • one double wall glass for the most stylish and minimalistic way to enjoy the infusion. 

Step 2

Pour around 50ml of hot water into the spare pot and gently place the bloom inside.

Step 3

Use the spoon to briefly soak the tea, gently clean it and loosen up the bloom. This should take 10-15sec. Remove the bloom and discard the water.

Step 4

Pour 90° water into the second teapot so that it is almost full, gently place the bloom inside. Pouring the water before adding the bloom is important as the delicate leaves can break apart if water is poured directly onto the bloom.

Step 5

After 2-3 minutes the bloom will have appeared. Take a moment to appreciate the complex, handmade design and the beauty of flower.  

Step 6

Without removing the blooming tea, pour the infusion into the cup and enjoy the delicate balance of the finest white tea buds combined with delicate natural flavours. 

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